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High Power

The SPEC Pak® High Power uses rugged and environmentally sealed (IP68) shells to protect APP® Powerpole® contacts and housings. Customer configured SPEC Pak® High Power Connectors are capable of up to 260 amps and may be used anywhere a rugged and/or waterproof high power, signal and ground interconnect solution is required. The SPEC Pak® High Power shell accepts 75 to 180 amp Powerpole® contacts and up to 8 auxiliary contacts. The wide range of Powerpole® housing colors and contact sizes, coupled with the available Powerpole® insert holders, offers the user a wide array of design options. Wire sizes which can accommodate a range from 24 to 3/0 AWG (0.25 to 85.0 mm²). SPEC Pak® High Power is highly configurable with thousands of design options in a single interconnect.